The Future of the Christmas Tree is Here!

🎅 Top Christmas Headlines

🛩️ Stopped by TSA for a Christmas Gift?!

A man based in LA was stopped by airport security because of a briefcase.

That’s not the weird part though.

Oddly, he was stopped because he didn’t know what was inside the case he was carrying. After all, it was a gift from his grandmother who asked him not to look inside until Christmas!

🌲 Genetically Modified Christmas Trees Are Here

The future may have not brought us flying cars or robots that tend to our every need, but it seems the future of the Christmas tree has arrived.

The NC State Christmas Tree Genetics Program (yep that’s real) has spent the last few decades developing what is being called the “elite” Fraser fir trees.

What started as a selection of 25 of the best firs from over 30,000 trees has now sprouted into 1,000 trees that are being touted as amazing.

🎆 Christmas Cheer Has Arrived!

🤣 Dad Jokes Aren’t Just for Dad Anymore!

Everyone can use a laugh during the holidays and we have some great (and cheesy) ones for you!

🐘 The Best Gifts Provide Laughter!

Is that White Elephant or Secret Santa gift coming due soon and you just can’t find that funny present that will make you stand out? Have no fear we got ya!

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“Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” - Dr. Seuss

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