New Year, New Decor Deals

2024 Has Arrived

🎇 2024 Is In The Building

The calendar has officially turned over and we have entered 2024! Yes, that’s right, have spanned 24 years since Y2K and time keeps on marching towards the quarter-century mark.

While January brings resolutions and fills our journals with ideas of what we should change and review, there is something else on our minds:

How can Mr. & Mrs. Claus help you have the best Christmas display ever to hit your street in 2024?

*Also don’t miss the links section at the bottom of this message where we provide help for how to decorate your rooms post-Christmas!

Christmas Decor is On Sale Now!

There is no better time to get your Christmas decor for the 2024 season than to do it right now. This is the time to get everything you need to make next year’s display one for the record books.

In fact, just yesterday we went to our local Target and picked up a few bags of 70% off markdowns to get ready for the next holiday season.

Why now you may ask? Because if you have reviewed your set-up using last week’s free printable (GET IT HERE) and know what you need to make next year’s decor a bit more merry and bright, then you can quickly identify what you need and get onto the bargain hunt.

Those needs are the perfect thing to go grab now before other Christmas cobblers take them off the shelf!

🔍️ So where are we searching?

Some of the best places to go take a look are right around the corner, but here are our Top 5 Places currently to buy discount Christmas decor (and don’t worry we aren’t even affiliated with these places!):

Target is chock full of deals right now, with savings to be had in every store and even more online.

Hobby Lobby is continuing to clear out its Christmas stock by heavily discounting everything in sight.

JoAnn Fabrics is one of the best places we’ve found so far to get online discounts on outdoor Christmas decor, with most everything on clearance.

Home Depot is a favorite of ours to find discounts and this year they are not disappointing with many of the items at 50% off or more.

Not to be outdone by the others, but Michael’s is currently discounting their artificial trees at a massive rate AND offering free shipping. They also have some good deals on lights too!

Wondering What We Are Buying?

Well besides those five stores taking a significant amount of the Christmas cash out of our pockets, we are also buying some awesome on-sale decor from Amazon.

🎄 12 Christmas Links We Love

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☃️Something to Keep You In The Spirit

“Enter this new year with a gratitude for this new chance to create your dreams.”
-Avina Celeste

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