It's Snowing In Florida

The Freeze Has Arrived

❄️ It’s Snowing Down South

The fourth week of the new year has arrived and along with it the realization that we all miss Christmas more than ever. The snow is falling around the country, even Florida has gotten a glimpse of the white fluffy stuff, and the bitter wind chills hit the NFL playoffs with even one coach’s mustache freezing mid-game!

But we aren’t missing the warm weather, instead we are missing Christmas, so why not bring back the spirit with some news that has recently hit the wires!

☃️ Christmas Headlines

🌲 Ever Dream of Owning a Christmas Tree Farm?

If you ever dreamt of living out a real-life Hallmark movie, you will want to keep reading.

What sets up an amazing Christmas plot like buying a Christmas tree farm? Nothing in our mind! There is just that for sale in Tennessee, sitting on 30 acres and housing about 2200 trees!

Check it out here! LINK

🎉 We Aren’t Sponsored (But We Should Be!)

Christmas decor in our house has reached a complete obsession. Seriously. We actually have a storage unit because of all the decor that we can’t pass up on buying! So it only feels fitting that on the last week in January we are still finding decor clearance deals and spreading them out to you.

Currently Pottery Barn has a ton of amazing deals, including plaid tree skirts at half off, beautiful mercury glass trees, super cute gingerbread bed sheets, and so much more that we could fill the entire newsletter!

See what is on sale here! LINK

Wondering What We Are Buying?

Each week we pick our top 10 favorite items on the week that we think are awesome! Check out this week’s favorites below!

🎄 12 Christmas Links We Love

✂️ Getting Crafty

🍳 From the Kitchen

🚂 Decoration Station

👜 Grab Bag

☃️Something to Keep You In The Spirit

“With every falling flake, a unique spark of interest falls from heaven.”
– Percy Miller

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